Check Important Days in April 2024 – National and International Events!

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Important Days in April 2024: April marks the beginning of spring and some events nationally and internationally resonate some messages and lessons for us all. In the article, we have listed for you all the important days of April 2024, which you can mark in your calendar.

Important Days in April 2024

The month of April means a change of environment and season. It teaches us that change is inevitable and we should accept it with a smile.

Check Important Days in April 2024 - National and International Events!
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The month brings us beautiful weather and clear skies. The pleasant month of April begins with laughter and joy on April Fool’s Day.

April comes with some important dates and events that we celebrate to remember the teachings of the time and to spread awareness of some causes and diseases around the world.

Let’s discuss all those events and days of April 2024 that we need to celebrate and spread awareness among people around us for a better future.

List of National Days and Events in April 2024

We have compiled a list of national events and days in April 2024 that we celebrate in India. Below is a list of important national events and days in April 2024 with their significance:

Date National Day Significance
1 April 2024Odisha Foundation Day,  Celebrates the rich heritage of Odisha and the formation of Odisha as a state of India 
1 April 2024Prevention of Blindness WeekSpread awareness about blindness prevention.
5 April 2024National Maritime DayCelebrates the occasion of the first merchant ship sailed from Mumbai to London under Indian Flag
6 April 2024National Handmade Day Celebrate to recognize the handmade craftsmanship of India
11 April 2024National Safe Motherhood DayCelebrates to raise awareness of women’s health during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-pregnancy
13 April 2024Jallianwala Bagh MassacreDay to remember when the British Army brutally massacred the people gathered at Jallianwala Bagh
14 April 2024BR Ambedkar Remembrance DayCommemorate the memory of Indian Politician, father of Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar
21 April 2024National Civil Service Day A Day to recognize the efforts and contributions of civil servants in the welfare of the country
24 April 2024National Panchayati Day Commemorates the system of Panchayat in rural areas of India

List of International Days and Events in April 2024

April - International & National Important Days | Sakshi Education

Now, let’s move on to the important days and events celebrated on the global level:

Date National Day Significance
2 April 2024World Autism Awareness DayFocused on improving the quality of Life of autistic people and spreading awareness about Autism
3 April 2024Independent Artist Day Celebrates the contributions of Independent artists in safeguarding the communities and enriching society
4 April 2024International Day of Mine Awareness Event to raise awareness about the dangers, and precautionary measures during landmine work
7 April 2024World Health DayAn initiative of WHO to raise concern and awareness about the well-being of people and their overall health
8 April 2024International Pageant Day Celebrates the women from all over the globe who compete  in pageants
11 April 2024National Pet Day Celebrates the relationship of humankind with their pets and encourages people to include pets in their life
12 April 2024International Day of Human Space Flight Marks the anniversary of the 1961 first human space flight of Yuri Gagarin’s
15 April 2024World Art Day Celebrates the importance of art in our lives and the contributions of various artists from different fields of art in promoting art
16 April 2024World Semicolon DayCelebrated to spread awareness about one’s mental health
22 April 2024Earth day A reminder of climate change’s effect on our lives and raise awareness of the need to protect our planet Earth 
25 April 2024World Malaria Day Celebrated to raise awareness about Malaria and the improving treatment of Malaria
29 April 2024International Dance Day Celebrates talented dancers of the world and marks the birthday of modern Ballet creator Jean-Georges Noverre

Important Astronomical Events of April 2024

2024 Space Events | Best Astronomical Events 2024 | Total Solar Eclipse |  Large Planet Parade - YouTube

The month of April has some astronomical events that many Astro lovers would love to witness. Here’s the list of Astronomical Events of April 2024:

  • Moon and Mars Conjunction on 6 April 2024
  • Total Solar Eclipse on 8 April 2024
  • Pink Moon or April full moon occurrence on 23 April 2024
  • Lyrid Meteor Shower from the night of 21 April 2024 to the dawn of 22 April 2024. 

Every month brings some new beginnings and celebrations for us, so make sure you enjoy and resonate with the learning of each day in your lives. 

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