English (अंग्रेज़ी) Set- 01

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(SOLVED),CTET Paper 1 |CLASS 1 TO 5 | Set- 01, (English) अंग्रेज़ी | 2021-22

Directions (Qs. No. 1-8): Read the passage given below and answer the questions by choosing the correct, most appropriate options.

When I was a boy in Dehra, there was a mango grove just opposite the bungalow. It belonged to someone called Seth Govind Ram (may his soul rest in peace), and, during the mango season, it was fiercely guarded by a giant of a man called Phambiri. All my efforts to get into the grove were repulsed, and on one occasion I received a mild lathi-blow on my backside.

“I just wanted to climb the tree’ I pleaded.

‘Come back when the mango season is over’ said Phambiri with a vicious smile copied from a filmi villain.

And then I discovered that he was an ex-wrestler, that he had been a champion in his youth, and had even thrown the great King Kong, a famous wrestler from about forty years ago. (I did not know at the time that King Kong, in his bad years, was constantly being thrown out of the ring.) So. whenever I passed the grove and saw Phambiri. I would remark on his great strength, his superb condition (going to fat, really), his muscles like cricket balls, and his bull-like neck and shoulders.

Gradually he warmed to me, and began to tell me of his exploits. I acclaimed them. Then he showed me feats of strength, like picking up rocks and hurling them across the road. I applauded. Before long, he had invited me into the mango grove, and by the end of the week I could have all the mangoes I wanted. The guardian of the grove actually pressed them upon me

1. The man who guarded the mango grove was: 

A. looked like a giant. 

B. very persuasive.

C. armed with a sling

D. very gentle

2. The mango grove was situated: 

A. on the outskirts of Dehra.

B. beyond Mussourie.

C. near Seth Govind Ram’s fields. 

D. just opposite the bungalow inhabited by the narrator.

3. The guard’s attitude to the boy changed because the boy: 

A. was terrified.

B. turned obedient.

C. started behaving like a filmy villain.

D. made him feel nice about himself.

4. The boy failed to get into the mango grove because: 

A. he was too fat to do so.

B. he did not know how to climb the wall.

C. he was timid.

D. he was scared of the monstrous guard.

5. The word ‘exploits’ used in the passage means: 

A. acts of meanness.

B. acts of trickery.

C. acts of exploitation.

D. acts of heroism.

6. Which of the following words has the same meaning as the word ‘acclaim’as used in the passage? 

A. exclaim

B. declaim

C. proclaim

D. praise

7. Which part of speech is the underlined word in the phrase on my backside’ in the passage? 

A. Noun

B. Adjective

C. Pronoun 

D. Adverb

8. Which part of the following sentence contains an error? 

(a) He is not coming/ (b) to the school/ (c) for a week/ (d) because he is unwell.

A. (d)

B. (c)

C. (a) 

D. (b)

Directions (Qs. No. 9-15): Read the passage given below and answer the questions by choosing the correct/most appropriate options.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework. Like many other industries, the retail landscape has undergone a sub- stantial transformation following the advent of the Internet, and thanks to the ongoing digitalization of modern life, consumers from virtually every country now profit from the perks of online transactions. As Internet access and adoption are rapidly increasing around the globe, the number of digital buyers worldwide keeps climbing every year. According to the latest calculations, e-commerce growth will accelerate. even further in the future.

Internet users can choose from various online platforms. to browse, compare, and purchase the items or services they need. While some websites specifically target B2B (business- to-business) clients, individual consumers are also presented with a vast number of digital possibilities. As of 2020, online marketplaces account for the largest share of online purchase worldwide. Leading the global ranking of online retail websites in terms of traffic is Amazon. In terms of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), Amazon ranks third behind Chinese competitors Taobao and Tmall. Both platforms are operated by the Alibaba Group, the leading online commerce provider in Asia.

One of the most visible trends in the world of e-commerce is the unprecedented usage of mobile devices. As the adoption of mobile devices is progressing at a rapid pace, especially in regions that lack other digital infrastructure, mobile integration will continue to shape the shopping experience of the future. M-commerce is particularly popular across Asia, with South Korea generating up to 65 per cent of their total online transaction volume via mobile traffic.

9. Read the following statements: 

(a) E-commerce growth has reached its saturation point.

(b) Consumers from a few countries stand to gain from

the perks of online transactions.

A. (a) is true and (b) is false.

B. (b) is true and (a) is false.

C. Both (a) and (b) are false. 

D. Both (a) and (b) are true.

10. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? 

A. The traditional modes of doing business have become a matter of the past.

B. Amazon leads the global ranking of online retail websites in terms of traffic.

C. The arrival of computer has revolutionised the methods of doing business.

D. The number of digital buyers keeps climbing every two years.

11. The retail landscape has undergone a substantial change because: 

A. every consumer in the world is using the digital mode.

B. most consumers are techno savvy. 

C. governments all over the world are trying to popularise e-commerce.

D. the arrival of computer has revolutionised the methods of doing business.

12. What accounts for the increasing popularity of mobile devices in certain regions of the world? 

A. Ease of use

B. Lack of other digital infrastructure 

C. Low cost of mobile devices

D. Incentives by mobile phone manufacturers

13. Which of the following is not supported by evidence in the passage? 

A. Amazon ranks third in terms of gross merchandise.

B. Taobao is operated by Amazon.

C. Tmall is trying hard to compete with Amazon.

D. Alibaba group is the leading commerce provider in both Europe and Asia.

14. Which of following words is nearest in meaning to the word ‘advent’ as used in the passage: 

A. departure

B. arrival 

C. postponement

D. engagement.

15. Which part of speech is the underlined word in the following sentence? 

Internet users can choose from various online platforms.

A. Pronoun

B. Conjunction

C. Preposition Iron

D. Noun

16. Interactions a teacher has with children of her class while they are engaged in an activity 

A. help develop language and communication in contexts. 

B. make the language learning burdensome while they Dare playing. are playing.to je vous do

C. provide an authentic source of knowledge.

D. help children to learn their home language by playing with language

17. If children hear two languages spoken around them, this exposure to two languages will 

A. place children at a disadvantage.

B. place children at an advantage. 

C. not make any difference.

D. interfere mutually with the other one.

18. The most important aspect of children’s language development is 

A. exposure to that language 

B. drill and practice in that language

C. correcting the mistakes

D. imitating the adults

19. Scribbling is an important step in learning to write, because children are trying to 

A. produce letters and words right from the day they pick pen or pencil

B. make meaning from the marks for them. 

C. spend some time in reading, writing and numeracy

D. imitate the adults

20. Which one of the following statements is correct? 

A. Handwriting is same as writing.

B. Writing is an expression of ideas. 

C. Handwriting is about putting words down on paper.

D. Writing is a product.

21. Building hand-eye coordination will lead to develop skill. 

A. listening

B. speaking

C. handwriting 

D. reading

22. At the foundational stage, learners should be taught in school in their home language as 

A. it leads to their participation in the teaching-learning process 

B. it is less important to learn a school language

C. it communicates new knowledge in school language

D. it reinforces silence in the classrooms

23. Using the learners’ home language at the start of schooling 

A. increases the burden on teachers.

B. is more natural and stressful for all.

C. always leads to improved learning objectives.

D. promotes a smooth transition from home to school.

24. What is the main purpose of summative assessment? 

A. To improve achievement

B. To gather data on student understanding at the beginning of a unit of study.

C. To evaluate the current level of student under- standing in order to improve teaching and student learning.

D. To measure or audit attainment and establish quality.

25. To use the language effectively and appropriately in a variety of situations, we need to: 

A. know the rules of grammar.

B. know the definitions of each grammatical item.

C. pay systematic attention to grammar.

D. focus on the use of grammar in a context.

26. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about a language classroom? 

A. A noisy class means that the class has involved learners in learning.

B. A disciplined class is one where learners sit quietly and teacher teaches well. 

C. Think, pair, share are the ways to engage the whole class in an activity.

D. A teacher makes learners to role play a story.

27. The grammar tasks are 

A. to be contextualised 

B. to be life-oriented

C. fully form focused

D. memory focused

28. Which of the following was suggested by Noam Chomsky? 

A. There is no fundamental ability of language when a child is born.

B. Children acquire language in different ways and at different rates depending on the culture into which they are born.

C. There is an innate human ability to acquire language.

D. Children learn language as a product of positive reinforcement.

29. Inductive method proceeds from 

A. heavy materials to light ones

B. difficult to different

C. familiar to unfamiliar 

D. abstract to concrete

30. A teacher is asking students to write letters of alphabet with the help of their fingers in the sand tray. The objective of this activity is to 

A. promote playful atmosphere in the class.

B. make them understand the difference between clean and dirty hands.

C. strengthen their fine motor skills. 

D. divert their attention from home sickness.

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